Clinical Social Work

Clinical social work is a health profession that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a number of conditions including behavioral conditions, emotional situations, substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses in patients. This practice area is based more on theories and methods of treatment and prevention of behavioral conditions. A clinical social worker is the healthcare professional who provides these services to patients. However, the professional has to be licensed and certified at the clinical level within the state.

Clinical social workers usually work directly with individuals, families and groups. Their aim is to advise, counsel and work with patients and their families concerning the prevention, cure and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. Some of the tools used in clinical social work include counseling, therapy and psychotherapy among many others.

A clinical social worker will need a thorough knowledge base that includes theories of diversity and cultural competency, psychological, biological and social development, group and family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and others. These experts deal with issues of addiction and substance abuse disorders, mental disorders, impact of trauma, injury and illness as well as their effects on the cultural and social environment. It is no wonder that clinical social workers constitute the largest group of behavioral health workers.

To become a competent clinical social worker, one has to study at an accredited university to the master degree level. Most work is undertaken in a clinical setting with direct practice for at least two years of postgraduate experience under clinical supervision. Upon completion of training and supervised practice, the social workers are then able to get a license to work in different settings such as hospitals, college campuses, health centers and across various communities.

It is possible for families, patients and communities across the US to find a qualified clinical social worker where they live. Online resources such as the NASW provide a platform where anyone can log in and find a clinical social worker. This is a great and useful resource that is easy to use.

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