Clinical Nurse Specialist

A clinical nurse specialist is a medical professional who specializes in treatment and diagnosis of specific ailments that may vary with their nursing area of study. These specialists have their influence based on the following components: a unique population in the society, an ailment or medical subspecialty or the nature of care being offered.

A clinical nurse specialist normally has the conventional duties that exist in nursing such as assisting patients in relieving, treating or preventing a disease or medical condition. In this specialty, clinical nurse specialists are expected to conduct an observation in determining the problem of the patient, diagnose and analyze the health related issue be it clinical based or non-clinical.

All clinical nurse specialists are caregivers and provide care to patients directly. They create an environment suitable for improvement of patient’s health through continuous mentoring, nursing interventions, counseling and offering medical care. Individuals that are accepted to programs specializing in clinical nursing must be registered nurses prior to admission.

A clinical nurse specialist has various administration roles in a hospital setting. All nurses depend on this medical specialist in the provision of guidance required in practice. Clinical nurse specialists also monitor nurse’s efficiency at the place of work. The clinical nurse specialists operate closely with other nursing practitioners to resolve issues in the health field.

Clinical nurse specialists are able to serve a whole department wing in a hospital setting through management skills and adequate knowledge of staffing. Clinical nurse specialists can have their practice extended to health centers, schools and other learning institutions, psychiatric health centers, rehabilitation or begin their own private medical practice.

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