Clinical and Laboratory Immunology

Clinical and laboratory immunology is a branch of biomedical science that deals with the study, diagnosis and management of patients with disorders resulting from weakened immune system. Immunologists provide medical attention through application of combined clinical and laboratory services that handle patients who are immune suppressed. Clinical and laboratory immunology has evolved from microbiology laboratories and research immunology. There has been the provision of high-quality standards of medical services over the last few decades.

A high percentage of immunologists do not believe in traditional medicine. They, however, believe in the power of science to treat and minimise disease load that will aid in providing the best healthcare to all patients. Immunologists often carry out research about humans’ immune system. The research involves the discovery of its failure and they operate to identify the type of organism causing the disease. They also proceed to check the results of the system’s malfunction. Clinical and laboratory immunologists prescribe medication after conducting tests that detect the causative agent of a certain disease. They can also suggest surgery that will help improve one’s health. Most of the immunologists’ time is generally spent in the laboratory exploring and trying to come up with new ways of treatment or new diagnostic skills.

Clinical and laboratory immunology is recognised and highly respected in the world health organisation. Most of these doctors have been licensed in order to make the world free from illnesses and also discover a new medication for emerging diseases.

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