Cardiology is a field of study that is populated by professionally trained cardiologists, who treat problems related to the heart and blood vessels. This medical specialty involves care of all things that have a connection to the heart and arteries. Cardiology involves carrying out tests and performing certain procedures to determine the health condition of the heart. To become a cardiologist one has to have extensive knowledge in the treatment and diagnosis of heart conditions, as well as understand heart injuries and diseases. Cardiology has several sub-specialties. They include:

  • Nuclear cardiology. This process involves the use of nuclear imaging techniques in the non-invasive study of cardiovascular diseases and disorders, including myocardial perfusion imaging, SPECT (single-photon-emission computed tomography), infarction imaging and planar imaging
  • Interventional cardiology. This involves using intravascular catheter-based procedures with fluoroscopy in the treatment of congenital valvular, cardiac and coronary artery diseases. The procedure may involve congenital heart defect corrections, angioplasties, valvuloplasties and coronary thrombectomies.
  • Cardiac electrophysiology concentrates on electric currents in the heart through the usage of catheters. During this process, catheters are threaded into a patient’s vein and the heart. These catheters measure electrical signals from the patient’s heart and determine whether the patient may need a pacemaker.
  • Pediatric Cardiology. This type of cardiology specializes in heart abnormalities among infants and children.

Cardiology is not usually part of a patient’s primary health care regimen. This medical specialty is only for patients (both adults and pediatric patients) who may be needing special heart-related care. Cardiologists may offer professional advice to other healthcare practitioners in matters relating to heart disease or injuries. Cardiology first became known in 1628, when William Harvey, an English doctor, described the systemic circulation of blood by the heart throughout the entire body.

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