Cardiology (Adult)

Cardiology is a medical specialty that specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions or diseases related to blood vessels and the heart (cardiovascular system) in adults. Adult cardiology focuses on the medical management, prevention and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Adult cardiology can also help adult patients learn about risk factors and prevention of heart diseases. Adult cardiology is a complex field, and cardiologists specialize in different areas. However, all cardiologists focus on medical management, diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease. The different fields of adult cardiology include.

  • General cardiology, where the cardiologist treats a wide range of conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. A patient experiencing any heart or blood vessel condition first visits a general cardiologist who can refer the patient to other types of cardiology
  • Interventional cardiology, which involves performing non-invasive procedures. It involves treating conditions such as heart valve disease, coronary artery disease, and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Electrophysiologist, which involves extended training in matters involving diagnosing and treatment of the heart. They perform tests like the electrophysiology study or electrocardiogram
  • Vascular and Cardiac surgery, which involve performing highly invasive cardiac procedures.

In adult cardiology, a diagnosis of vascular or heart disease often commences with a match between the adult patient and the cardiologist. After a doctor refers a patient to the care of a cardiologist, the cardiologist evaluates the patient’s symptoms and medical history before recommending appropriate tests for diagnosis. The cardiologist then advises whether it is possible to manage the patient’s condition or recommends the patient for other available treatment. In case a patient requires surgery, then that patient can be referred to a cardiovascular surgeon, who specializes in heart, lung and blood vessel operations.

Cardiology requires specialized training, including years in medical school and knowledge of general internal medicine. After this, the cardiologist can spend extra years in specialized training before entering the cardiology field. The American Society for Preventive Cardiology can help a patient gain access to both national and international professionals in numerous areas related to adult cardiology.

Though adult cardiology may be broken down into different sections, medicine may be prescribed in most of these areas. Pharmacy Coupons can assist a patient in saving money. Pharmacy Coupons offers discounts on a number of medications required by cardiologists including adenosine and Regadenoson.