Cancer Patient Assistance

Cancer Patient Assistance living benefit loan
Cancer Patient Assistance programs have been in existence for a number of decades now and it is common knowledge that there are various organizations that are providing financial assistance to cancer patients across the world.

There are several partnerships that have been run by various organizations to ensure better well-being of cancer patients. As a part of the Cancer Patient Assistance Program, there are several organizations that work towards providing valuable links of various organizations providing financial assistance, to cancer patients. There are not-for-profit organizations that provide valuable information about the various networks available within the community, information about the disease, the various resources available, travel options, housing and different ways loved ones can deal with the disease at home.

There are several options available from the Cancer Patient Assistance Program:

Living Benefit Loan:

A Living Benefit Loan is a loan that lets you access up to 50% of your life insurance policy’s death benefits today. A Living Benefit Loan is primarily designed for people diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer. A Living Benefit Loan can be used to settle ones bills, consolidate a debt, or even take a dream vacation. For more information on a Living Benefit Loan, please Read More>>>

Patient Lodging Programs:

Sometimes those battling cancer have an extra financial burden of travelling and staying away from home. The American Cancer Society provides programs that deal with a certain amount of financial assistance to be given to the families to reduce the burden.

Ride with Us:

There are some organizations that provide roads to recovery. Many cancer patients find it difficult to drive and in certain situations, family members find it difficult to drive them. There are organizations that work towards providing free rides to treatment.


Organizations also understand the appearance based side effects of cancer. There are certified doctors who are treating women to cope with skin changes using cosmetics which are donated by the cosmetics industry.

For those who can not afford health insurance while battling cancer, Pharmacy Coupons is the perfect way to substantially reduce your cost of treatment. The cost of manufacturing medicines is generally low and there should be no reason why we pay so much for these medicines.

Pharmacy Coupons is partnered with several pharmacies where without prior registration; you can easily avail of these discount coupons and save up to 75%* of the cost. This is all worked out as a part of the cancer patient assistance program to make sure the benefits reach as many cancer patients as possible.