Canadian Pharmacies


With prescription drug prices skyrocketing, a lot of Americans are making pilgrimages across the Canadian border to buy their drugs at Canadian pharmacies, where the government keeps drug prices low. Families pile into their cars, wait in line for hours at the border station, and drive around Canadian towns looking for an RX sign. On the way back, they keep the drugs hidden and smuggle them back home in the trunk or the pockets of their coats. Importing drugs from Canada like this is illegal! Though it may be tempting, don’t put yourself or your family at risk by trying to buy drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

Years ago, bus trips were organized to shuttle people to and from Canada so they could buy prescription drugs. Now, there are all kinds of websites that claim to sell prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies and ship them to you directly. Both of these actions are considered illegal by the United States federal government, and can be punished by a fine or jail time. What’s more, online sites that claim to be connected to Canadian pharmacies are often counterfeit, and in fact sell drugs from other countries, where quality standards are much lower. So besides breaking the law, you’re also putting yourself at risk of consuming dangerous drugs!

Don’t gamble with your health, either by relying on illegal trips to Canada to get your drugs, or by buying them from shady online dealers. You don’t need to break the law in order to get cheap prescription drugs.

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