Calcium channel blocker + ACE inhibitor combinations Drug Class

Calcium channel blocker + Ace inhibitor is a combination of drugs used in treating high blood pressure. Studies show that combinations of drugs containing calcium channel blocker are more effective in preventing heart problems to people who suffer from it than any other recommended drug containing of mainly diuretic and water pill. People who take pills that are combined, i.e. Ace inhibitor with calcium channel blocker, suffered 10% fewer heart defects and deaths than those taking Ace inhibitor containing a diuretic, studies reveal. The main reason for using a fixed dose combination is to get the best blood control method by producing a antihypertensive agents that have different modes of action and enhance fulfillment by using a single tablet which is normally taken twice or once per day.

Calcium channel blocker + ACE inhibitor combinations Drugs

Combination drugs that are considered Calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors include:

Calcium channel blocker + ACE inhibitor combinations Uses

The combination of these two drugs is used in the treatment of hypertension and high blood pressure. Ace inhibitor is more effective in the control of high blood pressure if combined with other classes of drugs. This single pill combination has helped more that 50% percent of patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular defects by reducing their blood pressure. But the most important thing about this combination is that patients taking this medication had fewer heart-related defects than any other patient taking other combinations.

Ace inhibitors are used in treating patients who suffer from diabetes. It also helps lowering the blood pressure by producing angiotensin that tightens blood vessels. Doctors are normally urged to start with a basic diuretic dose strategy in controlling high blood pressure but studies have shown that a single drug combination is a lot more effective in preventing any heart-related defects such as heart attacks and strokes or any other cardiovascular defect.

This combination also works together favorably to influence target organ disease independent of their effects on blood pressure. They appear to have a renal protective effect when they work together in promoting reduction of the left ventricular mass and also id decreases mediators of any vascular disease.

Calcium channel blocker + ACE inhibitor combinations Side Effects

The calcium channel blocker + Ace inhibitor combinations results in fewer and mild side effects than any combination with their agents alone.

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Depression and irritability
  • Urinary incontinence
  • severe allergic reaction
  • Elevated uric acid levels
  • Increase blood sugar levels

Calcium channel blocker + ACE inhibitor combinations Interactions

Studies show that when taking this combination before bedtime, it may lead to decrease in blood pressure and a better blood pressure control. The studies also compared the effects of taking the drugs at night and in the morning and night time dosing showed relatively better control of blood pressure. Ask your doctor before switching to evening dose before administering it that is if you take the dose in the morning. The recommended starting treatment for hypertension and high blood pressure is a single pill the dose will be added if there is a need to.