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Drug Name: Benzocaine
Brand Name(s): Americaine
Drug Class: Topical anesthetics
Treats: ear infection

Benzocaine is an analgesic, antibacterial, and anesthetic combination with a brand name Americaine. It relieves the pain and inflammation in your ear brought about by certain ear infections. Benzocaine aids in removing a buildup of earwax as well as treating particular ear infections. It belongs to the medicine category known as topical anesthetics.

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Benzocaine Uses

Benzocaine relieves the pain and inflammation in your ear brought about by certain ear conditions. It might be used with the antibiotics given by mouth to address particular ear infections. In addition, Benzocaine helps in removing a buildup of earwax. Ear infections cause pain, congestion, and body discomfort. Benzocaine handles these conditions and functions by relieving the pressure.

  • Ear Conditions
  • Ear Infections

Benzocaine Dosage

Below is the basic dosage that is used by most healthcare providers to give Benzocaine to their patients. However, depending on your condition and medical history, a physician might prescribe a different regimen. You should not change your dosage, stop, or start taking your medication without consulting your health provider. The dosage is as follows:

  • Benzocaine is available as Acetic Acid 0.1 MG/ML / Antipyrine 54 MG/ML / Benzocaine 14 MG/ML / policosanol 0.1 MG/ML Otic Solution.
  • Apply 1-2 drops of the 14 ml Benzocaine Solution ear drops
  • Administer thrice daily for two or three days

Benzocaine Side Effects

Benzocaine might have its unwanted effects, both common and severe. If you find yourself in a circumstance of experiencing any side effect with this drug, consult your doctor immediately. Note this list does not include all possible Benzocaine side effects.

More common Benzocaine side effects are:

  • hives
  • difficulty breathing
  • swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat

The severe side effects of Benzocaine are:

  • severe redness
  • burning, stinging
  • new pain in or around your ears

Benzocaine Interactions

Many drugs are found to interact with other prescription drugs or health conditions. However, there are no reported cases of Benzocaine interactions with other medications. It is advisable that before administering the medication you should inform your health care provider all the medications you are using be it over the counter drugs, herbal medications or other doctor's prescriptions. 

Also, you shouldn't change your prescribed medication or start or even stop using your Benzocaine without seeking medical consultation. In any case, you happen to experience any sign of drug interaction with Benzocaine, report the matter immediately to your doctor.