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Drug Name: Benzaclin
Generic Name(s): clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel
Drug Class: Antibiotics
Treats: acne, bacterial infection

Benzaclin is a prescription drug used in the topical application of treating acne. Benzaclin is a combination drug consisting of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. Benzaclin works by killing and preventing bacteria from growing on skin. It may be used by doctors in other purposes that are not listed in this guide. Benzaclin is in a class of medicines known as antibiotics.

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Benzaclin Uses

Doctors may prescribe Benzaclin to patients who have acne or inflammatory acne vulgaris on their skin. Benzoyl peroxide offers an antibacterial effect and mild drying effect that helps wash away excess oil and dirt on skin. Reducing oils on skin helps keep the pores open. Benzaclin also promotes growth of new skin cells. By increasing cell growth, benzoyl peroxide contributes to replacement of pimples with new skin. Clindamycin is an antibiotic and helps kill and prevent bacteria that cause acne from growing on skin.

  • Acne

Benzaclin Dosage

Benzaclin is applied on acne lesions. A patient should wash the affected skin and patted dry prior to applying Benzaclin. One should be careful to avoid the gel coming in contact with eyes, inside nose, mouth, and areas of broken skin. You should wash your hands immediately after every use. It may take up to 6 weeks to see the effects of Benzaclin and up to 12 weeks for full benefits to be seen. If the condition worsens or does not show improvement, tell your doctor.

  • Apply a thin layer of Benzaclin once or twice in a day.

Benzaclin Side Effects

Benzaclin may cause side effects. A patient may develop less serious effects, which may not require seeing a doctor unless they cause a lot of discomfort or continue to persist for long. If you show signs of allergy when using Benzaclin, you should get emergency medical attention. Allergy reactions may include swelling of lips or the tongue and face, difficult breathing, and hives. You may want to stop using Benzaclin and call a doctor if serious side effects occur such as diarrhea that is bloody or watery, and severe stinging, redness, burning, or peeling of the skin area treated. Less serious side effects likely to develop are;

  • Redness or irritation
  • Tingly feeling
  • Mild stinging
  • Mild burning
  • Peeling or dryness of treated skin

Benzaclin Interactions

Other drugs you take may interact with Benzaclin. You should tell your doctor of any medicines or topical skin products you might be using. Before you start any new medication, you should inform a doctor if you have been prescribed Benzaclin so as to evaluate any possible risks of drug-drug interaction occurring. These drugs may interact with Benzaclin but it is not a complete list;