Behavioral Health

A behavioral health professional is a health caregiver that pre-authorizes and coordinates non emergency mental health and chemical dependency care.

Behavioral health care is not the same as mental health care. With behavioral health care; there is no need to obtain a form of referral from your primary care provider. However, in some instances you might require pre-authorization from a behavioral health care provider before you meet with a mental health or provider of chemical dependency.

Behavioral health doctors provide the following types of behavioral care: assessment evaluation of an individual, personal and group psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling from those who have chemical dependency, assessment and management of medication, testing of psychological. These activities might be carried in the hospital, at home or even at a community center.

Behavioral health has a broad range of provider treatment these providers are psychiatric nurse specialist, therapist, counselors, and social workers. You can choose a behavioral health provider depending on the type of behavioral care that you need. With each provider type, a behavioral health giver might have certain subspecialty. For instance the treatment of mood and stress disorder. These health care providers might also be able to specialize in individual therapy with adults and children. You might choose a behavioral health doctor under the area of expertise.

Some of the behavioral health providers include; certified psychiatric nurse specialist- performs psychotherapy and manages medication.

Behavioral health, license professionals, and pastoral counselors- perform counseling and psychotherapy services but are not licensed to prescribe medication

Certified marriage and family therapist- perform counseling for individual, family, and marriage but are not licensed to give medication

Clinic social workers can be able to perform clinical social work but are not licensed to give medication.

Clinical psychologists offer psychology testing and counseling service but are not licensed to give medication.

Psychiatrists offer psychotherapy and manage medication.

All these professionals work closely with doctors and family members to ensure that you get the best out of your sessions.

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