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Drug Name: Banquin
Generic Name(s): Hydroquinone
Drug Class: Topical depigmenting agents
Treats: Dermatological disorders, skin lightening

Banquin (Hydroquinone) is a topical medication that is used in treating a skin condition. It is one of the most used drugs in the cosmetic due to its skin lightening properties. Banquin is supplied as gel, cream or lotion and it is for topical application only.

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Banquin Uses

Banquin is a special drug that is mostly used in the cosmetic industry. The drug is formulated by the use of hydroquinone as the active agent and it is the one responsible for the skin lightening. 

Banquin works by decreasing the formation of the melanin on the skin which the pigment responsible for skin color. The drug is mostly used to treat darkened skin such as age spots, chloasma, melasma or freckles. 

Banquin can also be used in treating other conditions especially with the combination of other drugs.

Conditions that Banquin can treat:

  • Dermatological disorders
  • Skin lightening (cosmetic)

Banquin Dosage

When it comes to dosage application the Banquin must be administered as prescribed by the doctor. The drug is supplied in the form of a gel or cream and it is for topical application. The drug requires that the skin should be thoroughly cleaned before you can apply this drug. Do not apply Banquin on an open wound or open parts of the body like the eye since there can be severe side effects.

Usual adult dosage for dermatological disorders:

  • Apply to the affected part of the skin evenly after thorough cleaning twice a day. No specific dosage is established but do not overdo it.

Children’s usual dosage for dermatological disorders:

  • The drug is not safe for the kids below 13 years of age. For those above 13 years; Apply to affected part of the skin evenly after thorough cleaning twice a day

Banquin Side Effects

Banquin is a drug that is known for causing several side effects. The fact that it works on the body cells producing melanin, it interferes with the biological functioning of the skin tissue and thus there must be side effects. There are the common and the severe side effects depending on the patient’s response to the drug. Severe side effects need to be reported immediately to a dermatologist.

These are some of the common side effects,

  • Mild burning
  • Stinging
  • Skin redness
  • Skin dryness
  • Blistering
  • Skin cracking
  • Blue-black darkening of the skin.

Banquin Interactions

So far, there are no drugs that are known to interact with Banquin. The drug is, therefore, safe to be combined with other medicines and there will be health problems as a result of this. But this can change in some patients especially those that are sensitive to changes. You must be very careful and observant of any unusual feeling after you have combined this drug. It is advisable to report such cases to your doctor to avoid any complication.

  • No known interactions with Banquin