Average Funeral Costs

With the death of a loved one comes the additional pain of funeral planning. If the sorrow of losing someone wasnt enough, now you must combat a mound of financial stress. However, the cost may vary depending on the funeral home, installation of a headstone, location of the funeral homes in the country, the will of the deceased and other factors. Currently, average funeral costs range from approximately $7000 to $10000 in the United States. If the deceased had a life assurance cover, then the insurance agency can play a significant role to get the cost down.

Fees and charges associated with average funeral costs

average funeral costs

Funeral director’s fee

A director is an important party in the funeral to ensure everything goes on well as planned. The funeral director takes charge of timing, moving the casket as necessary and helping mourners throughout the day. The average funeral director cost is approximately $1500 depending on the contract agreement.

Embalming cost

If the body of the deceased will be viewed during the funeral, then preserving his/her appearance is vital. The process of treating the body hygienically and ensuring its appearance is normal without decay is known as Embalming. Its cost is about $500.

Casket cost

Caskets cost vary depending on design, the material used in making it, durability among other factors. While you may wish for some form of a grand casket, it’s smart to consider the cost. An average casket will cost about $2300.


The gravesite cost can be standard in several places, but it may vary for some reasons such as the location. Consider a standard resting plot if you are on a fixed budget where the price will be $1000.

Using the funeral home as the funeral service venue

Due to convenience, some people prefer conducting their funeral service right at the funeral home. Family members and friends of the deceased meet at the funeral home and everything is conducted in the shortest time possible and then head to the grave site. Using the funeral home as a venue can add to the average funeral cost, and it is one thing people often choose to forgo to cut costs. The cost of using the funeral home as a funeral service venue is $500.

Grave digging cost

The cost of digging a grave will depend on the number of people you hire. Some work on a contract, and the price will be fixed regardless of the number of people. The cost, however, is typically about $600.

Headstone and Grave liner

The two are meant to make the grave beautiful in the eyes of the mourners. The outer burial container also known as the grave liner will cost you $1000 while a headstone will typically cost you $1500.

From the above breakdown, average funeral costs comes to $8900. This only caters for the major items. Other costs like putting an obituary on the newspaper are not included. Average funeral costs are therefore estimated to range from $7000 to $10000, although more lavish affairs can easily cost much more than this.