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Drug Name: Aurumheel
Generic Name(s): Hawthorn
Drug Class: None
Treats: Circulatory hypertension, Disorders of the cardiac rhythm, Disorders of the coronary blood circulation, Myocardial damage, Angina (chest pain), Heart failure, High blood pressure

Aurumheel can be used in treating angina (chest pain) heart failure, high blood pressure, among other conditions. It is a highly reactive drug which should be used on the doctor’s consent. Aurumheel drug has the ability to regulate blood circulation thus useful in treating blood circulatory related conditions.

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Aurumheel Uses

Aurumheel is a medication used in treating various different conditions. Aurumheel has the ability to improve myocardial and coronary capacity. On cases of higher or lower blood pressure, it can normalize the blood to an optimum level.

Aurumheel also economizes the cardiac and the circulatory action and also produces calmness and compensation on vegetative-neurally interrupted cardio-vascular system operations. Aurumheel is usually preferred where long-term therapy is needed. It is generally used in treating the following conditions.

  • Circulatory hypertension
  • Disorders of the cardiac rhythm
  • Disorders of the coronary blood circulation
  • Myocardial damage
  • Angina
  • Heart failure
  • High blood pressure

Aurumheel Dosage

Aurumheel is usually prescribed considering various conditions of a patient. A person using it should follow a prescription made by a medical profession. Avoid cases of overdose as they could lead to unwanted side effects. The following is the usual dosage of Aurumheel. Special case patients should seek help with the dosage.

  • 160-1800mg can be taken in a day in divided doses of over 3-24 weeks. A minimum dose in mild CHF for an adjunctive therapy is 300mg of a standardized extract taken daily where usefulness shows up after 6-8 therapy weeks. 900mg can also be taken daily by patients having CHF class II and III.

Aurumheel Side Effects

Several side effects of Aurumheel may be noticed on the course of therapy. Your doctor may have familiarized you with the possible side effects and the ways of minimizing them. If any unknown side effect shows up, stop taking the drug immediately and notify a medical professional.

The following side effects of Aurumheel are common. They may not need medical attention immediately they show up. However, if any of them becomes severe or bothersome, notify your doctor immediately and stop using Aurumheel until he/she directs you. The list may not be containing all the possible effects.

  • Dizziness
  • Rashes
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations

Aurumheel Interactions

Aurumheel may also interact with other drugs. Drug interactions can cause new side effects or facilitate severity of the existing ones. It is therefore important to first confirm with your doctor before taking any drug interaction. Also keep a list of all the drugs you are taking and show it to your doctor for the confirmation of any possible interaction. The doctor can decide to alter the dosage of each drug interaction to accommodate both drugs during therapy.

  • There is no documented list of any possible drug interactions of Aurumheel. You can confirm with your doctor as he/she could be having a list of the possible drug interactions of Aurumheel.