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Drug Name: Auragen
Brand Name(s): Auralgan, Aurodex
Drug Class: Anesthetics, Otic
Treats: Pain, Swelling, Congestion, Removing earwax

Auragen is a drug used in relieving various symptoms brought by acute otitis media. It is a combination drug which contains a benzocaine and an antipyrine as the combined drugs. Glycerin for softening the earwax and zinc acetate for protecting the skin may also be included in Auragen drug.

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Auragen Uses

Auragen relieves various symptoms of acute otitis media. This is an inflammation occurring at the middle ear. Auragen contains various ingredients.

Benzocaine is the first ingredient which is an anesthetic. It aids in numbing pain. The second ingredient is an analgesic called antipyrine. It helps in decreasing inflammation and pain. Glycerin and zinc acetate are also included in Auragen. Glycerin softens the earwax while zinc acetate acts as a skin protector. An antibiotic can also be prescribed to you for using alongside this drug if you have an infection.

Auragen generally treats the following symptoms.

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Congestion
  • Removing earwax

Auragen Dosage

You should use Auragen as directed by a qualified medical practitioner. Use it at the correct time and apply the exact number of drops you are instructed to apply. Also check for a label which comes with the drug guiding you on the amount of it you should use at the specified periods. Follow the following guidelines when applying the drug.

  • Warm Auragen container in your arms for some minutes to decrease the likeliness of dizziness
  • The affected ear should face up when you are applying the medicine. You should maintain the position for some minutes after applying it
  • Hold the dropper right over the affected year when applying the medication. Replace the container’s cap after using the drug.

Auragen Side Effects

Several side effects may show up during the medication process. Your doctor can familiarize you with the expected side effects and how you can minimize them. If any unknown effect of Auragen shows up, stop taking the drug and report this to your doctor immediately. The following side effects of Auragen are rare but serious. Notify a medical professional immediately you notice any of them. They may occur in or around the ear.

  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • New pain
  • Severe weakness/tiredness
  • Bluish skin
  • Allergic reactions such as rashes, swelling/itching (at the throat, tongue or face), trouble breathing, severe dizziness, among others

Auragen Interactions

Various drugs may also interact with Auragen. Drug interactions may introduce new side effects or facilitate the severity of the usual ones. It is therefore crucial to confirm with your doctor if there is a possible interaction between Auragen and the drugs you are using. Also inform him/her before changing, commencing or halting the use of any drug. Auragen is applied topically and may therefore not interact with other drugs taken orally.

  • There are no specific drugs listed as interactions of this drug. Your doctor may however be aware of some of the drugs which can interact with Auragen.