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Drug Name: Animas 2020
Generic Name(s): Insulin Infusion Pump
Drug Class: Medical supplies
Treats: diabetes

Animas 2020 is a pump used in the administration of insulin, a hormone for controlling blood sugar in the body. It is a small gadget with a display unit that measures the amount and rate of insulin pumped into the human body. Its purpose is to ensure that the right dosage is administered in the body.

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Animas 2020 Uses

Lack of effective machines in the market is the start improper dosage administration and poor treatment. A nice pumping machine is required in order to ensure proper administration of the drug like insulin.  Animas 2020 is a device used in the administration of insulin in the body. Its calibration helps in ensuring that the correct or the required insulin is administered in the body to avoid overdosage or under dosage. For you to optimize your dosing at which you choose your own times for your insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitive factors Animas is the perfect device to use.

Animas 2020 Dosage

Animas 2020 is an effective device used for measuring and pumping drugs. It is used to measure insulin drug required to be injected in the body. The device in itself has no dosage since it is not administered in the body.  The correct dosage is the start of better treatment and once you have the best equipment to administer the drug it becomes easy to measure the correct dosage. Animas 2020 is a device and has no dosage but used to pump insulin in the body at a correct rate.

Animas 2020 Side Effects

Most of the devices are not prone to side effects when used in the human body. Animas 2020 is a pumping and therefore, there are no side effects documented for it. The side effects are found in the drugs that Animas 2020 administers and in this case, the insulin. The only precautions taken for this device is to ensure it is sterilized and is effective in its purpose all the time. Animas 2020 can be shared between people since it does not come into contact with the patients’ blood but should be shared with the prescription of a doctor.

Animas 2020 Interactions

Interactions occur between drugs, not between devices. Animas 2020 is not affected with any other device or drug. The drug inside the syringe is the one that has interactions with other drugs. Always ensure that you do not pump different drugs using one pump since they will interact causing side effects that may cause severe complications in the body. There are no devices or drugs that are known to interact with Animas 2020 for the time being.