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Drug Name: Anestacon
Brand Name(s): lidocaine hydrochloride, Xylocaine
Drug Class: Topical anesthetics
Treats: Pain, discomfort

Anestacon commonly known as lidocaine topical is a local anesthetic used as a numbing medication. The drug is found in the topical anesthetic drug class and works by altering or blocking the nerve signals in the body. Anestacon is used to treat pain and discomfort that results from skin irritations like sunburn.

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Anestacon Uses

Anestacon can be used for various medical purposes, but medical practitioner’s advice and prescription is paramount. When used as recommended, Anestacon delivers expected results in a remarkably short time. In most cases, Anestacon is used to treat;

  • pain and discomfort
  • bug bites
  • poison ivy

This can be caused by skin irritations such as poison ivy, insect bites, scratches, bites, poison sumac, minor cuts and minor burns. To some extent, Anestacon is used to treat hemorrhoids and rectal discomfort. The drug treats pain by blocking nerve signals in the body. Anestacon can be used to treat other conditions not discussed in this guide, but always seek prescription from a qualified pharmacist.

Anestacon Dosage

How you use Anestacon determines the results to get. Dosage may vary from one patient to the other depending on a number of factors that include; age, severity of the condition and response of the patient upon medication. An overdose may lead to severe side effects and should be avoided at all cost. On the other hand, an under dose will make Anestacon ineffective.

  • The recommended dose for adults is 2% viscous solution of Anestacon where you gargle 15ml undiluted then swallow or spit after every 3 hours.
  • The maximum dose should be 300mg without exceeding 4.5mg/kg which is equivalent to 8 doses in every 24 hours.

Anestacon Side Effects

In addition to the expected positive outcomes, Anestacon exposes the patient to a number of side effects. Some of them are common and may not require the attention of a medical practitioner. It is worth noting that different patients react differently to Anestacon medication and the side effects will vary as well. If you get abnormal side effects that are troublesome and persistent, then seek medical attention immediately.

The side effects below should be expected by patients using Anestacon;

  • scaly, cracked or dry skin
  • irritation
  • irregular heartbeat
  • jaint pain or swelling
  • nisy breathing
  • blurred vision
  • pale or blue lips
  • dizziness or drowsiness
  • seizures and
  • unconsciousness

Anestacon Interactions

Interaction between Anestacon and other drugs may occur leading to mild or severe side effects on patients. To avoid unnecessary interactions, always seek medical advice from your health care provider when under Anestacon medication. Do not use certain over the counter drugs, vitamins, medicinal foods and herbal drugs without the consent of your doctor. Get an approval from the doctor to stop or start using Anestacon or other drugs used together. Keep a list of other drugs you have been using or planning to use when using Anestacon. The following drugs may interact with Anestacon;

  • Amyl nitrate
  • Citanest Forte
  • Emla
  • Priocaine
  • Emla Anesthetic disc
  • Lidocaine
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Oraqix
  • Nithiodote
  • Epinephrine/Prilocaine and
  • Citanest HCL Plain