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Drug Name: Anamantle Hc Forte
Generic Name(s): hydrocortisone , lidocaine topical
Drug Class: Topical anesthetics
Treats: inflammation, itching, Soreness, Anal discomfort

Anamantle Hc Forte is commonly known as Hydrocortisone which is a topical steroid found in the Topical Anesthetics drug class. It is used to treat inflammation and skin itching caused by various factors such as insect bites, allergic reactions, eczema and minor burns. Anamantle Hc Forte may be used for other purposes not discussed in this guide.

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Anamantle Hc Forte Uses

When used as recommended and prescribed by a pharmacist, Anamantle Hc Forte has the ability to deliver expected results in a remarkably short time. For optimum results, follow prescription details closely. Anamantle Hc Forte is mostly used to treat;

  • Soreness
  • Anal discomfort
  • skin inflammation and
  • itching

Anamantle Hc Forte works by reducing the actions of body chemicals that cause redness, swelling and inflammation. Being a numbing medication, Anamantle Hc Forte also works by blocking nerve signals, more so around the affected place. In most cases, Anamantle Hc Forte will be used to treat conditions caused by Eczema, insect bites, allergic reactions, minor burns and Psoriasis.

Anamantle Hc Forte Dosage

How you use Anamantle Hc Forte plays a significant role to determine the outcomes. To avoid unnecessary side effects resulting from inappropriate use of Anamantle Hc Forte, follow prescription details provided to you by a medical practitioner. In case you are not sure about the dosage details, then consult your doctor prior to medication or follow details on the leaflet provided by the manufacturer.

  • Dosage will depend on your age and severity of the condition.
  • To treat skin inflammation or pruritus, apply a thin layer of Anamantle Hc Forte 2 to 3 times a day on the affected area.
  • For rectal cream, use a clean applicator and gently insert it into the anal area and squeeze it to cover the affected area.

Anamantle Hc Forte Side Effects

In addition to the positive effects, Anamantle Hc Forte users expect other side effects. Some of them can be avoided if the right measures are put in place. Avoid using Anamantle Hc Forte for prolonged periods than recommended or taking an overdose. While some of the side effects don’t require the attention of a medical practitioner, others may get troublesome and persistent. Certain outcomes require immediate medical attention.

Inform your pharmacist in case of the following;

  • Swelling of the skin
  • redness or paleness of the skin
  • stinging sensation of the skin
  • mild or severe irritation
  • thinning of the affected place
  • muscle weakness and
  • numbness on the places where Anamantle Hc Forte is applied

Anamantle Hc Forte Interactions

Interactions may occur leading to unnecessary side effects. Some of them are severe and can lead even to loss of life. However, this can be avoided by following prescription details and avoiding other medications during Anamantle Hc Forte use without an approval from your doctor. Some over the counter drugs, vitamins, medicinal foods and alcohol lower the effectiveness of Anamantle Hc Forte through interactions.

Avoid these drugs when using Anamantle Hc Forte unless directed otherwise by a Doctor;

  • Amyl nitrate
  • Citanest HCL Plain
  • Cyanide Antidote
  • Epinephrine
  • Emla
  • Emla Anesthetic Disc
  • Lidocaine
  • Prilocaine
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Sodium Thiosulphate
  • Morizicine
  • Quinidex
  • Mexiletine
  • Disopyramide
  • Nithiodote
  • Oraqix
  • Flecaininde
  • Propafenone and
  • Quinidine