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Drug Name: Aminohippurate Sodium
Brand Name(s): None
Drug Class: Diagnostic agent
Treats: used to test renal plasma flow in kidney

Aminohippurate Sodium is a sodium salt that used in science to take measurements of ERPF or effective renal plasma flow. It belongs to a class of organic compounds referred to as hippuric acids. Hippuric acids are ideally compounds that contain benzoyl group with links to glycine. Aminohippurate Sodium is a diagnostic agent used in conducting medical tests in the kidney.

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Aminohippurate Sodium Uses

In medicine, Aminohippurate Sodium is used as a diagnostic agent. Doctors use Aminohippurate Sodium to measure kidney function in patients. This is a prescription only medicine which means it is administered in a clinical situation under direct supervision of a highly qualified medical attendant. It is advisable to start with small doses of PAH when administering this drug but not in all cases. Healthcare professionals also use Aminohippurate Sodium for estimation of effective renal plasma flow. This is the process of measuring the functional capacity of the secreting mechanism of the kidney filter system. In some cases, Aminohippurate Sodium is used as a pharmaceutical and administered to patients as a sodium salt.

Uses of this drug are listed as follows;

  • Medical test


Aminohippurate Sodium Dosage

Aminohippurate Sodium dosage is usually administered in clinical conditions under supervision of a qualified healthcare professional, usually a doctor. The reason is that Aminohippurate Sodium is prescription only medicine which means only a doctor can prescribe it. It is designed for intravenous use only. The Aminohippurate Sodium dosage is administered using intravenous infusions at fixed rates in order to sustain the plasma concentration at desired levels.

  • Recommended Aminohippurate Sodium dosage is 2 mg per 100 ml.
  • Maximum Aminohippurate Sodium dosage 6- 10 mg per kg.

Aminohippurate Sodium Side Effects

Like with many other drugs, patients are likely to experience Aminohippurate Sodium side effects. Not all patients will suffer the same kind of side effects and the degree and veracity will vary. Serious Aminohippurate Sodium side effects and any allergic reactions should be immediately reported to a doctor. Hypersensitivity reactions are common Aminohippurate Sodium side effects. They include;

  • Flushing
  • Tingling
  • Vasomotor disturbances
  • and others. Other side effects are
  • vomiting
  • warm sensations
  • A desire to empty bowels and pass urine

This is not a complete list of Aminohippurate Sodium and others may occur. If they do, then they should be referred to a healthcare professional for further investigation.

Aminohippurate Sodium Interactions

Drug interactions occur when patients take a drug which then has an adverse reaction with another drug. Doctors are always conscious of the possibility of any possible drug interactions. It is important for patients to make a list of any or all drugs they may be using at the time and then share this list with the doctor. The doctor will then be able to prevent any Aminohippurate Sodium interaction. The following drugs and products are usually checked for possible Aminohippurate Sodium interactions:

  • Probenecid
  • Sulfonamides
  • Procaine
  • Thiazolesulfone