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Drug Name: Aluminium Chlorohydrate
Brand Name(s): Kursept, Pers-Mant , Phosphonorm
Drug Class: miscellaneous topical agents
Treats: excess perspiration

Aluminium chlorohydrate is grouped in a class of drugs known as miscellaneous topical agents. Its purpose is to mitigate excess underarm perspiration or sweating which can be caused by certain infections, or other causes. The drug functions by changing or altering the functioning of the sweat producing cells in the body.

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Aluminium Chlorohydrate Uses

Aluminium chlorohydrate is a drug that is better known as antiperspirant. The purpose of this drug is to reduce underarm sweating in the body. The sweating can be as a result of a faulty sweating gland. The drug alters the functioning of the gland and hence the reduction of the sweat. The drug is used externally only and should never be used in a circumstance where the skin is open like in a wound.

  • Excess underarm perspiration

Aluminium Chlorohydrate Dosage

Excess dosage of aluminium chlorohydrate can cause irritation on the skin. It can lead to skin rashes which can cause open wounds. Always avoid over application of this drug so as to prevent the stated effects. Under dosage can also lead to other complications like delayed healing. Read the prescription label carefully before you can apply any drug on your underarm. If the prescription label is not clear, consult the qualified physician for the right dosage.

Usual dosage

  • Apply the recommended dosage to the underarm that is affected.

Aluminium Chlorohydrate Side Effects

All drugs are prone to side effects. There are several categories of side effects.  They can be more and rarely common. More common side effects are the ones that occur due to chemical reactions in the body and they are not so serious. Rare side effects are serious and requires an immediate consultation from a qualified doctor. Talk to your doctor before applying this drug on your body. Also inform the doctor if you are under any other medication especially if it is an application drug. Below are the side effects of aluminium chlorohydrate:

  • Local skin irritation like burning, stinging, itching and tingling

Aluminium Chlorohydrate Interactions

Most of the drugs interacts with each other. However, interactions may not be severe but in other cases they can be. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before applying this drug on your underarm for safety purposes. Do not apply this drug if you are applying any other drug since they can interact causing unwanted effects. Other application substances like oil should be avoided as they can also cause interactions with the drug.

  • There are no reported drug known to interrupt with this drug for the time being.