Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine involves any practice that is believed to have a healing effect but is not scientifically proven. There is no enough scientific proof to support this form of treatment. It is comprised of many activities like healthcare, products and treatment.

Examples of this kind of medicine include new and traditional medicine such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine, chiropractic, herbal, naturopathy and Christian healing faith. This kind of medicine sometimes is associated with products made from toxic substances. The science medicine does not encourage people to seek treatment from alternative medicine simply because their practices do not possess any scientific evidence.

Alternative medicine is effective in treating opportunistic diseases. Some of the practices like naturopathy have an impression that the body can heal by itself through some processes that occur in it. Most of the naturopaths do not believe in western medicine. Secondly, herbal medicine involves the application of products from plants for treatment purposes. Such products are fish oil, omega-3 fatty acid, glucosamine and many others.

Alternative medicine is well recognised and popular among HIV-positive patients. Approximately 40% of adults have been using this kind of medicine. They argue that they feel safer when they seek care from this type of medicine. Alternative medicine is applicable to areas where western medicine is not easily accessible. In developed countries, this kind of medicine is not recognised because antiretroviral drugs are easy to obtain. However, some countries like South Africa have little faith in western medicine where some top officials supported treatments that have no prove of being effective.

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