Allergy and Immunology

Allergies are a medical condition that comes as a result of hyper reaction by the body’s immune system to a harmless substance like pollen, foods, or a drug. The factors that cause chronic or seasonal allergies can either be genetic, like sex and race, or environment-related, like pollution and one’s diet.

An allergist-immunologist is trained to evaluate and treat disorders that involve the immune system. Such conditions of the immune system include: eczema, rhinitis, anaphylaxis, asthma and hyper reaction to drugs and food as well as both acquired and congenital immune deficiency diseases, problems as a result of autoimmune disease, organ transplant or malignancies of the immune system. An allergist-immunologist can detect which substance or allergen is causing the problem, advise and start a treatment plan to eliminate the cause.

An allergist-immunologist can specialize in internal medicine, pediatrics or both after completion of a training program.

Most allergist-immunologists recommend the use of allergen immunotherapy that rehabilitates the immune system. These drugs can be administered as tablets or drops through the mouth or injection. Allergists advise the avoidance of food that may cause allergic reactions as a supplement to help your body achieve the fullest health it can. There are also many prescription and over-the-counter drugs your doctor may recommend for use as needed, such as Clarinex for seasonal allergies, and other drugs for common allergens like pet dander or hair, ragweed, and grass. Though these drugs may not cure the allergy, they can remove the effect of the allergens and help manage the symptoms of chronic and seasonal allergies.

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