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Drug Name: Alcohol Swabs
Generic Name(s): isopropyl alcohol
Drug Class: Antiseptics
Treats: clean the skin surface before blood is drawn or ahead of an injection

Alcohol swabs are independently wrapped pads produced from a cotton-type fabric and soaked with 70 % isopropyl alcohol. They're firmly sealed in an aluminum-paper package that makes them sterile and stops them from drying. Alcohol swabs are manufactured by many companies globally and are available in a wide range of sizes

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Alcohol Swabs Uses

Alcohol swabs are normally found in clinics, hospitals, and first-aid kits. They are in most cases employed to clean the skin surface before blood is drawn or ahead of an injection. Cleansing the skin with the swab can help avert bacteria from getting into the body triggering an infection. 

Alcohol swabs are used once only and should never be shared with other people. Alcohol swabs can be also employed to clean up the skin when water and soap are not present. They can be utilized to clean minor skin irritations ,small cuts, sunburn, bug bites, scrapes and in addition to new blisters.

Alcohol Swabs Dosage

Always adhere to the prescription instructions indicated on the product label or as instructed by the nurse or doctor.

Dose details

  • Before Injection - Adults & children 2 years and above:

Apply to the skin surface just before injection. Benzocaine-the key ingredient in alcohol swabs takes 60 seconds to act. For ideal results, wait a while and after that make the injection.

  • Insect bites, skin irritations, and sunburn -Adults & children 2 years and above

Apply to the afflicted area not more than 3-4 times daily.

Stop using alcohol swabs and consult a doctor

  • if redness and irritation develop
  • if symptoms continue to persist after 3 days or symptoms disappear and occur after a couple of days.

Alcohol Swabs Side Effects

Side-effects from utilizing a contaminated alcohol swab are not likely, but skin infection has been reported. Symptoms of a skin infection include:

  • Hot to touch,
  • swelling,
  • fever,
  • pain

Other typical warning signs of an infection can include feeling tired, flu-like symptoms, and fever. While severe infections have not been documented;

  • shortness of breath,
  • confusion,
  • incontinence, and
  • low blood pressure might be signs of a severe infection that calls for immediate attention. Get in touch with a doctor if you encounter any of these symptoms.

Alcohol Swabs Interactions

Employing an alcohol swab to clean up a venipuncture area can trigger enhanced serum alcohol levels. Raised levels of above fifteen percent may need the health professional to offer safety measures to avert physical harm to the individual while the serum alcohol amounts are so greatly elevated.

To avoid such serious interactions alert your doctor if you take alcohol, medications and herbal solutions. While it is not yet known if alcohol swabs may interact with other drugs, we highly encourage you to speak with your doctor about your particular medical situation,  and potential interactions.