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Drug Name: Akpro
Generic Name(s): Dipivefrine
Drug Class: prodrugs
Treats: high pressure within the eye as a result of glaucoma

Akpro is used in treating high pressure within the eye as a result of glaucoma or other eye illnesses such as ocular hypertension. Decreasing high pressure in the eye is helpful in preventing blindness. This medication operates by controlling the flow of fluid inside the eye to sustain a normal pressure. Akpro belongs to a group of drugs called prodrugs

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Akpro Uses

Akpro is prescribed for the control of enhanced eye pressure for individuals with glaucoma.There are four kinds of glaucoma. These include:

  • chronic open angle glaucoma(most common)
  • severe angle closure glaucoma
  • developmental glaucoma
  • secondary glaucoma

Akpro is transformed by the body into the compound epinephrine that helps lower eye pressure by minimizing the quantity of fluid generated and by making it possible for it to exit the eye more easily. Akpro eye drops may be given alone or together with other eye drugs. Your physician may also recommend this medicine for conditions other than those outlined here.

Akpro Dosage

Avoid contamination of your dropper tip, which might originate from contact with your skin, eye or any other contact surface. Avoid using the eye drops if they look discolored. Many things can influence the dose of Akpro  that an individual needs, such as medical conditions, body weight, and other medicines. If your doctor has suggested a dosage different from the one outlined here, don’t change the way that you're using the medicine without consulting your doctor.

Dosage details

  • The recommended adult serving of Akpro eye drops is 1 drop in each afflicted eye every twelve hours.

Akpro Side Effects

A side-effect is an unwanted reaction to Akpro when it is prescribed in normal amounts. It can be severe or mild, permanent or temporary, but does not appear in everyone. The following effects have been noted by at least one percent of patients using Akpro. If you produce any of these side-effects (or any other side-effects not stated here) or they modify in intensity, talk with your doctor for advice on coping with them and on the dangers and gains of the medication;

  • blurred vision
  • headache
  • sun light sensitivity

Akpro Interactions

To avoid potential Akpro drug interactions,tell your doctor about all doctor prescribed, non-prescription, and herbal remedies, in addition to any supplements that you're taking. Since alcohol, caffeine, the nicotine from tobacco, or street drugs may impact the action of many medicines, you should let your medical doctor know if you utilize them. Keep a record of drugs all you take, and discuss the list with a doctor Subject to your specific conditions, the doctor may want to alter your treatment or may recommend ways of coping with any interactions. These medications may interact with Akpro and trigger very dangerous effects and are normally not taken together.

  • Sympathomimetics