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Drug Name: Ak-T-Caine PF
Generic Name(s): Tetracaine
Drug Class: Anaesthetic
Treats: Eye numbness

Ak-T-Caine PF is categorized among the Ophthalmic drugs. These are drugs used on eyes. The role of Ak-T-Caine PF is to numb the eye prior to any procedure, particularly surgery. Doctors use the drug to reduce the sensitivity of the eye hence ensuring a painless surgery on the same.

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Ak-T-Caine PF Uses

There are several uses that have been connected with Ak-T-Caine PF. To begin with, it is important for consumers to understand that this is an ophthalmic drug. It belongs to a class of drugs known as Anesthetics, majorly used before an operation. In this case, Ak-T-Caine PF is used during an eye surgery. Among the main uses of the drug include:

  • Eye Numbing

This is where the sensitivity of the eye is reduced to ensure a pain-free operation.

  • Reducing Eye Dryness

This is one of the roles played by the drug during and after surgery. It ensures that the eye remains relatively wet.

Ak-T-Caine PF Dosage

The main formulation that AK-T-Caine PF assumes is eye drops. It may however come in the form of intravenous solution. This means that the drug can be applied on the eye directly or in the form of injection. The most common formulation is the drops. It is advised that doctors should use the right amount of Ak-T-Caine PF on patients before any eye operation.

  • The recommended amount of Ak-T-Caine PF should be 2-3 drops on each eye.
  • Children can use 1 drop of Ak-T-Caine PF on each eye.

The doctor may however decide to apply a different dosage on a particular patient depending on the condition suffered.

Ak-T-Caine PF Side Effects

Most ophthalmic drugs have a lot of side effects especially when used in excess. It is very important for any medical practitioner to understand some of the side effects that can be triggered by Ak-T-Caine PF. That way, it will be possible to ensure that patients are safe from harmful side effects. The use of the right amount of this drug is the easiest way of avoiding side effects. Among the possible side effects that can be brought by Ak-T-Caine PF are: 

  • Headache
  • Change in taste
  • Vision blurriness
  • Dry throat
  • Eye itchiness
  • Dry lips
  • Black stool

Ak-T-Caine PF Interactions

Quite a large number of drugs have been identified as positive interactions to Ak-T-Caine. However, in as much as there are so many interactions, consumers are advised to make their choice wisely. It is for your doctor to recommend some of the interactions that you can take. There is a possibility of slowing the healing process if the wrong interaction is used. In this regard, only the right interaction should be used. The necessary tests should be done on a patient before an interaction is recommended. Among the possible interactions are.

  • Arav
  • Acetaminophen
  • Paracetamol
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Codeine