Agelity Discount Card

Agelity Discount Card is a discount prescription drug program that can be found on the internet. The program boasts that there is absolutely no cost associated with the card. Membership in the program affords the user a card that does not have an expiration date and can be enjoyed in over 57,000 participation pharmacies. In addition, there are no limitations on who can join the program. On average, members of the Agelity Discount Card program save 20% on brand-name medications and 40% on generic medications. The most one can save on some particular generic drugs using the Agelity Discount Card is up to 75%*. This program is one of many discount prescription drug programs.

However, Pharmacy Coupons is a discount prescription drug program that saves its members considerably more than Agelity Discount Card. Pharmacy Coupons saves its members up to 75%* on prescription medications. The Pharmacy Coupons website is user-friendly and includes important medical information for its visitors. The Agelity Discount Card does not have the added advantage of offering its members coupons for use at participating pharmacies or drug stores. The Agelity Discount Card requires its users to have a card in order to enjoy the discounts that are offered. Conversely with the Pharmacy Coupons program you are able to print coupons to enjoy discounts in addition to the savings you receive with your card.

Another great feature of Pharmacy Coupons is the fact that there is no registration required. This website has been built to be easy to use. Simply print out the coupons that you require in order to benefit from the savings. At Pharmacy Coupons, medications are listed in various ways so that you are able to find the drug you are looking for whether the brand or generic name is used on the prescription. Here, the consumer is also given valuable information about their medication. At Pharmacy Coupons, members and visitors to the site are given more information so that they can become empowered.