Affordable Care Act Overview

The Affordable Care Act is a healthcare reform law often called ‘Obamacare.’ The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is designed to provide more Americans with affordable health care insurance. The Affordable Care Act gives Americans the opportunity to have new benefits, rights, and protections that will make sure they get the treatment they need.

Premiums and out of pocket costs will be reduced making insurance plans more affordable for families and small business owners. The goal is to make sure that at least 95% of Americans will be insured under this reform.

Some of the benefits include comparable health plans, cost assistance, and higher chances of qualifying for Medicaid. Companies with a large number of employees must offer coverage to full-time employees, with no annual or lifetime limits.

Under the Affordable Care Act, you can’t be denied coverage for any reason, you can receive preventive services that you don’t have to pay for yourself, and essential health care benefits like emergency care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, maternity, newborn care and many other rights and benefits are offered without cost to you.

The Affordable Care act also offers other types of insurance benefits and educational loans as well.

The Affordable Care also takes care of the protection of your benefits. These protections include curbs on canceling policies so that your health insurance can’t drop you if you get sick or cancel your coverage if you make a mistake on your application, rapid appeals so you can fight decisions made by your insurance company and get a 72 hour response, bans on lifetime limits so that you won’t go into debt because your coverage ran out, premium rebates if your insurers underspend on your health care plan, standard disclosure forms so that you can read about your benefits and coverage including deductibles, copayments and limits for services you may have to pay for out of pocket. Another benefit is that young adults can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until they are 26 even if they are married, going to school or living at home.

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