Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

An advanced registered nurse practitioner is a nurse equipped with extensive caregiving skills. This field specialty requires a post-graduate level of education in nursing. Nurses specializing in this field can operate comfortably in different areas either as a specialist or general carer. Functions engaged in this field of specialty are planning, implementation, diagnosis and evaluating the nature of care to given to a patient.

Care offered by advanced registered nurse practitioners can be primary care service or specialty care depending on the condition of the patient. Individuals that are accepted in programs specializing in advanced registered nursing practice must prior to admission be registered nurses. The nurses then train in instructional and clinical medical educational, knowledge and skills in the practice of nursing.

Advanced nursing practice is based on application of knowledge and skills in achieving maximum results for the patient in a nurse-patient or client relationship. A registered nurse with general knowledge in advanced nursing practice may choose to specialize further in one of the following: certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists or certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Duties associated with nurses in this field of advanced nursing practice are dependent majorly in the specialization a nurse chooses. For example, a certified registered nurse anesthetist is involved full-time in surgical procedures while a certified nurse midwife is dedicated to working with new mothers and infants.

Individuals who have received the rank of nurse practitioner are able to work in about any healthcare setting, including hospitals, mobile clinics, or long-term care facilities. Advanced registered nurse practitioners can have their practice extended to community clinics which often aid various underserved population, psychiatric-mental health centers or begin their own private medical practice.

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