Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction Psychiatry is a medical practice that mainly focuses on evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders related to addiction. Psychiatrists may treat disorders involving use drugs, food, sex, and other impulse control disorders. The advancing scientific knowledge on substance abuse and its health effects and treatment has led to the growth in this medical field. This field is relatively new having been founded in 1991, but it has been expanding exponentially as the advancements in neurobiology of rewarding behaviors continue.

Addiction psychiatrists may use drugs and psychotherapy approach to treat an addiction and the associated psychiatric disorders. Nonetheless, not all substance abuse addictions have approved medications for treatment. In the evaluation and diagnosis, the lifestyle of a patient may be gathered alongside the medical history as well the mental health issues in order to help understand the most reasonable treatment that may be applied.

Following the evaluation, a psychiatrist constructs possible treatment solutions that may help the patient to get out of the problem, and if necessary prescription of medication is done. Other approaches that the psychiatrist may use in treating a patient are the 12-Step program such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous.

At the same time, a patient may be encouraged to consider seeking external group support. People who have attempted quitting alcohol and drugs but without success may apply addiction psychiatry as a method of recovery from their addictive behaviors.

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