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Drug Name: Actis
Generic Name(s): omega fatty acids
Drug Class: fatty acids
Treats: skin

Actis is a palatable supplement that is formulated for dogs to help them in dermal function. This makes the skin of the dog remain healthy. It achieves its function by adding omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamins that are essential for a healthy skin and coat in a dog.

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Actis Uses

Actis is a pleasant and tasty formulation that is mostly used in pets like a dog to boost the health of their skin. The health of a skin in every animal or human being is determined by the dermal function that is regulated or controlled by certain fatty acids. Actis contains Omega 3 and six as fatty acids that are essential in making the skin is in a better condition. Omega 3 fatty acids helps in regulating the production of inflammatory mediators while omega six fatty acids are components of the cell membrane.

  • Dog skin and fur

Actis Dosage

Dosage is very vital when it comes to drugs. Overdosage can bring more and severe effects if not handled with care. When administering it to a dog, care should be taken to avoid overdosing. Only veterinarians should administer Actis or should be administered with their prescription. The drug is administered orally.  The dosage of this drug is determined by the weight of your dog. Below is the dosage of Actis to a dog:

Usual dosage for a dog weighing

  • 2- 22 lbs: should be administered with 1 to 3 ml per day
  • 23- 44 lbs: should be administered with 2 to 4 ml per day
  • 45- 66 lbs: should be administered with 3 to 5 ml per day
  • Over 66 lbs: should be administered with 4 to 4 ml per day

This drug is only intended for supplemental feeding only.

Actis Side Effects

Like other drugs, Actis has several side effects which should be taken care of when it’s being used. Some of the side effects are severe, but others are mild and cannot harm a dog or a human being. If the effects are severe that expected or as advised by the veterinarian report it immediately to the veterinarian available. 

  • No known side effects

Actis Interactions

Interactions occur between drugs and like others, Actis falls into it. However, this can be controlled by avoiding those drugs when administering this particular drug or using it as advised by the veterinarian or a doctor. Inform the veterinarian if your dog is under any other medication. This will help him in administering this drug to your dog. 

  • There are no drugs known to interact with Actis for the time being.