About Life Credit Company

life credit company living benefit loan

Life Credit Company is a licensed consumer lender whose fundamental mission is to make meaningful financial assistance available to people diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses. The company offers the financial aid through their Living Benefit Loan program. Life Credit Company is able to offer this financial aid by relying on the patient’s life insurance to subsidize their treatment and bereavement costs.

As a group that is concerned with what goes on in the society, Life Credit Company recognizes the financial challenges faced by cancer patients. Treating cancer or any other serious disease for that matter can amounts into thousands of dollars, leaving the affected person unable to take care of themselves and their families.

It is this in the recognition of these problems that Life Credit Company has teamed up with capital markets to offer innovative financial assistance to those who need it most.

Since its inception in December 2012, the Living Benefit Loan program has already provided more than 10 million dollars in loans, and in the process helping turn around the lives of many individuals diagnosed with cancer or other serious complications.

Life Credit Company aims to disburse another 200 million dollars to qualifying patients in the next five years while trying to come up with even more innovative loan options for this community. The company acknowledges that looking for ways to offer financial support to cancer patients and related cases is imperative since most financial institutions do not provide easily accessible loans to them.

Life Credit Company finds its inspiration from:

  • The people that they serve
  • The families they protect
  • The belief that they can make a difference