Abbott Patient Assistance

Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation provides Abbott medications at no cost to patients who have financial difficulties. Typically, patients who are eligible do not have healthcare coverage for the requested product. In addition, they can not access alternative ways of funding or coverage.

This Foundation reviews applications on a case-by-case basis to support the Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation’s purpose of offering products for free to those individuals who cannot afford them. Financial eligibility is determined by the current federal poverty guidelines adjusted for household size. Anybody who applies will have their application assessed and reviewed against medical eligibility guidelines that are established by the program.

Abbott Patient Assistance program can help a patient save money on prescriptions by offering free medications if they qualify. Individuals who have limited income and do not have insurance will qualify for this program. This will enable patients to get free prescriptions and save tremendous amounts of money on out-of-pocket costs. Patients struggling to pay for their medicines will find Abbott Patient Assistance program useful, and they are encouraged to apply. Also, a patient can apply for more than one medication listed under Abbott’s coverage program. Prescriptions can be expensive and many times people are not able to afford them; Abbott’s Patient Assistance program is there for such patients.

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