AARP Drug Savings

AARP Discounts program covers a number of discounts for various types of merchandise and services. To join AARP, you must be 50 years of age or older. The program costs $16 a month for these services. Included in health and wellness services are discounts on prescription glasses and hearing aids. They offer up to a 38% discount in their prescription programs, as well as a prescription price search. The program allows the user to search for pricing in various pharmacies near them. The AARP discount program is meant to be used with medications that are not covered by insurance.

While AARP offers up to up to 38% off of prescriptions, Pharmacy Coupons offers much higher discounts of up to 75%* off of prescription drugs. AARP only covers medications that are not covered by your insurance; Pharmacy Coupons offers prescription drug discounts for any medication. The Pharmacy Coupons program is also free to join. The two can even be used in conjunction to offer the maximum savings. Where AARP offers a very wide range of services, Pharmacy Coupons focuses their entire effort to getting you the best discounts and rebates for prescription medication. The combination of the two allows for discounts that are not only broad (AARP) but also in-depth (Pharmacy Coupons).

One of the huge benefits of Pharmacy Coupons is that you do not need to be in a particular age group to access prescription drug savings. Pharmacy Coupons offers drug discounts for everyone, insured or uninsured, even when your insurance covers your medication. You can use Pharmacy Coupons to help reduce your prescription copay by discounting drugs your insurance covers. With Pharmacy Coupons, you can get a sizable discount on brand and generic medications. You can even get discounts on pet medication to truly cover your entire family. With Pharmacy Coupons and the AARP Discounts program, you’ll be able to become healthier without having to break the bank.