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Drug Name: Zubsolv
Generic Name(s): buprenorphine and naloxone
Drug Class: Opioid Addiction
Treats: Opioid Addiction

Zubsolv was recently approved by FDA as an optional drug for people with opioid dependence. This is basically an addiction to a certain category of drugs. Zubsolv is used as part of the complete therapy of opioid conditions. This might include counseling and any other psychological support. Patients are advised to use this drug only as per the instructions provided by the doctor.

Zubsolv is a prescription drug that is white in color and  has a menthol-flavored and a triangular shape. It contains an opioid receptor antagonist and naloxone HCl. Zubsolv is specifically intended for sublingual administration and is available in five different dosage strengths. It is sparingly soluble in water, easily soluble in methanol and alcohol, and insoluble in cyclohexane, toluene, and ether.

Zubsolv is used in the treatment of adults who are addicted or dependent on opioid drugs as part of a complete treatment program that includes behavioral therapy and counseling.

Zubsolv works by blocking the side effects of narcotics and can lead to severe narcotic withdrawal if it's injected. It has a less strong effect when dissolved under the tongue or taken by mouth.

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