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Drug Name: Cyclophosphamide Brand Name(s): Cytoxan, Neosar Drug Class: Alkylating drugs Treats: Lymphoma, Leukemia, cancers
Cyclophosphamide, also referred to as cytophosphane, is a nitrogen alkylating agent from the oxazaphosphorine group. Cyclophosphamide is a chemotherapy drug. An alkylating agent adds an alkyl group to DNA. This medication attaches the alkyl group to the guanine base of DNA. This interferes with DNA replication and can stop the growth of tumors.

Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) is an antineoplastic which works by stopping or slowing the growth or spread of various cancer cells.

Cyclophosphamide is mainly used for treating various types of cancers such as eye cancer, lymphoma, mycosis fungoid, multiple myeloma, leukemia, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and neuroblastoma. It may also be used together with other medications to treat other conditions. However, Cyclophosphamide may also be used to treat various kidney problems especially in children or other conditions as determined by the doctor.

Cyclophosphamide may cause various side effects. Seek medical attention in the event these side effects occur while using this medication. A cough, fever or chills, painful urination, back pain, missing menstrual periods and dizziness.

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