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Aricept is a drug given to patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease to improve on the function of nerve cells in the brain. It works by helping to keep acetylcholine in the body a chemical which when lacked in the body or is in low levels will cause dementia. It is important for reasoning, thinking and processing of memory. Alzheimer disease will progress over time even though the patient takes Aricept. Aricept will only slow down the process and will help improve on awareness, memory and ability to function.

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Aricept Info

Drug Name: Aricept
Generic name: Donepezil hydrochloride

The active ingredients of Aricept are:
donepezil hydrochloride
Drug Class: Cholinesterase Inhibitor [EPC] , Cholinesterase Inhibitors [MoA]
Treats: Dementia

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